Size Guide

Finding the right size is made simple by spending a few minutes on this page. We have put together a simple size chart below and we go in to more detail on the sizes further down this page, which we encourage you to read also to ensure you’re not disappointed when your new pair of gloves arrive.

(If you’re on a mobile, you can scroll left and right on the table below)

Weight (KG)Weight (lbs)Weight (stone)Recommended SizeRecommended For
Up to 45Up to 100Up to 7.094oz or 6ozYoung athletes/juniors
Up to 67Up to 148Up to 10.68ozFor fighting and competition
Up to 80Up to 176Up to 12.610ozPractical for hitting pads & heavy bag and
emulating fight gloves
Up to 80Up to 176Up to 12.612ozFor pads, light sparring, drills
(the best all rounder if you’re not sure)
Up to 80Up to 176Up to 12.614ozUsed for sparring partners, slightly lighter
than 16oz to reduce arm fatigue
Over 80Over 176Over 12.616ozFor bigger hands, heavy sparring for hitting
hard & are safer for partners due to more padding

4oz & 6oz

Up to 45Kg = 4oz to 6oz
45Kg to 67Kg = 8oz
67Kg to 80Kg = 10oz

Generally 4oz and 6oz are for young Athletes (Juniors up to 100Ibs or 45Kg).


Typically used for fighting and competition under 67Kg and also padwork. 100Ibs to 150Ibs/45 kg to 67Kg.


The smallest practical Adult glove is a great choice for hitting pads with your Coach or on the heavy bag. We recommend that you train with a 10oz glove before a competition so that you can emulate the gloves used in the fight. Used in competition above 67Kg.


The 12oz gloves are more commonly used for pads and light sparring. They’re also excellent to use when drilling with your training partner. The best all-around training glove is a 12oz if you’re not sure which one to buy. 68Kg to 79Kg.


Used mostly for sparring partners & a very good “all-rounder” glove. This is suitable to use in free-sparring & hitting pads. They are slightly lighter than the large 16oz & don’t tire your arms as much, when you’re hitting the pads.


Used for heavy sparring if you hit hard, have big hands or weigh over 80Kg. These gloves are essential in protection for your partners safety.

They are bigger and safer because they have a wider area, with more padding. You should definitely use these gloves when sparring, but they will also work great for pads. Over 175Ibs / 80Kg.